Bugatti Bolide Car
Bugatti Bolide Car

The engineers rebuilt Chiron after stripped the car down and created the Bugatti Bolide Car. In order to make it FIA-legal, Bugatti engineers keep only the necessary parts to make the Bolide as fast as possible. Moreover, they need to add the aerodynamically-sculpted shell inside and the W16 engine to produce the 1,824 horsepower. Furthermore, the Bolide weighs only 2,700 pounds, so this acceleration model is the fastest highly-tuned form car ever built. The results are 0-62 MPH in just  2.17 seconds, so the Nurburgring's full lap in 5:23.1, or nearly 4 seconds slower than Porsche's 919 EVO. The dynamic racing will never look the same.

Bugatti Bolide Car
Bugatti Bolide Car
Bugatti Bolide Car
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