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BMW i3 Urban Suite
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BMW i3 Urban Suite


BMW's newest concept car, the i3 Urban Suite, made its debut at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The electric vehicle, based on BMW's popular i3 model, has been given a luxurious makeover with a vast array of interior features that are sure to impress.

Inside, passengers will find a large armchair, ottoman, side table, lamp, and an elegant screen that retracts from the ceiling. Inspired by boutique hotels, the i3 Urban Suite provides a comfortable and stylish environment for travelers. The exterior of the car remains unchanged from the original i3, but its interior has been transformed into something altogether more opulent. This electrified lounge on wheels offers a unique twist on traditional luxury vehicles like Maybach or Rolls-Royce by contrasting their hefty size with this compact electric alternative. In addition to being efficient and eco-friendly, it also adds an element of surprise to anyone who steps inside - they are sure to be pleasantly surprised.
BMW is offering rides in selected cars throughout CES with an Uber-style app so everyone can experience the grandeur this car has to offer firsthand.

The i3 Urban Suite is set to revolutionize luxury transport - combining style and comfort with practicality and sustainability - and could inspire other automakers to take note. With such innovative technology now available, consumers everywhere can expect their traveling experiences to take on a whole new level of extravagance.

BMW i3 Urban Suite
BMW i3 Urban Suite
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