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Baies Scented Black Candle
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Baies Scented Black Candle


Diptyque's iconic candles are the perfect way to bring your home to life with its unique and mesmerizing scent. Crafted entirely by hand, each step of the process is considered in order to create an exquisite candle that is unlike any other. Formulated with the same raw materials used for its renowned eau du toilettes, this luxurious candle is infused with the label's 'Baies' fragrance - a sumptuous blend of Rose and Black Currant. Housed within a sturdy black earthenware vessel made at France's famous Virebent factory, this robust candle can also be used outdoors without fear of damage or breakage.

Diptyque has truly outdone itself in offering the highest quality candle on the market, one that is incredibly fragrant yet sturdy and reliable so you can use it both inside and outside your home. Exquisite details such as its deep, vivid scent and lush rose petals make this limited edition candle all that more special and desirable. Not only does it emit long-lasting pleasant aromas but it also serves as a timeless piece of artwork for any space. A sophisticated, unique, high-end product that not only pleases our noses but also brings joy through its unparalleled design qualities - Diptyque's candles are undoubtedly a luxurious indulgence that will add style and elegance to any abode.

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