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Baglietto Panam Superyacht
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Baglietto Panam Superyacht


The Baglietto Panam Superyacht is the perfect addition to the Baglietto family. This luxurious vessel has all the features of a modern superyacht, wrapped in a sleek aluminum construction that stands out among the other vessels in the harbor.

The 40-meter boat offers plenty of space for up to 12 guests and five crew members to stay comfortably, with elegant cabins, a spacious salon and dining area, a gym and deck space equipped with a beach club, jacuzzi, sun lounge, and rooftop deck. Designed with an avid traveler in mind, this majestic boat is powered by two diesel engines for an impressive speed of 25 knots and a range of 4500 nautical miles.

The design of the Baglietto Panam Superyacht is nothing short of stunning. Its magnificent aluminum hull allows it to make an impressive statement on the dock while its stylish exterior seamlessly extends into its sumptuously designed interiors. Every room is meticulously crafted for comfort – from its cozy guest cabins to its lavish living areas – making it perfect for long-distance cruising. While inside offers all the amenities anyone could want or need during a sailing voyage, outside reveals vast decks featuring a beach club, jacuzzi, sun lounge, and rooftop deck – creating even more enjoyment while sailing away on the bluest waters.

Thanks to its advanced twin diesel engine technology combined with its aerodynamic hull design, this awe-inspiring yacht can reach speeds of up to 25 knots effortlessly and can travel distances up to 4500 nautical miles without refueling – making it ideal for extended journeys around sea coasts or traversing busy waterways between ports in luxury style like no other vessel before it.

In conclusion: If you’re searching for a high-end seafaring experience without compromising on power or performance, look no further than Baglietto’s exquisite Panam Superyacht. With its stunningly beautiful design, incredible speed capability, and remarkable range, you will be sure to have an unforgettable time aboard this luxurious vessel.
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