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Amazon Unveils The Helix Arlington HQ2
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Amazon Unveils The Helix Arlington HQ2


With the recent surge in online shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon has seen a massive increase in success and growth, leading the company to start planning for a new east coast headquarters — The Helix Arlington HQ 2. Located in Virginia and designed by renowned architects NBBJ, this ambitious project promises extra office space with alternative workspace options such as outside or on the rooftop pavilion.

Packed full of innovative features and cutting-edge design combined with 2.5 acres of public land and a 2.8-acre park, it's no wonder that The Helix is sure to be one of the most impressive, awe-inspiring corporate headquarters ever built. Construction on this marvelous structure is expected to begin in 2022 and finish by 2025. Standing at a whopping 350' tall – twice as high as its West Coast counterpart – this majestic marvel is sure to be a magnificent sight when completed. Featuring 20,000 square feet of community space, numerous shops, and eateries, and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking or biking through the forest trails, The Helix Arlington HQ2 will provide Amazon employees with amazing opportunities for leisurely escape from the monotony of their daily routines.

The plans for The Helix boast an inspired architectural design based upon the form of a double helix– an incredibly clever idea that not only speaks to Amazon's commitment to innovation but also hints at its dedication to nature as well. Indeed, nothing could illustrate this better than two gorgeous spiraling towers nestled beneath Virginia's lush green hillsides, which will surely provide a stunning backdrop throughout each day's work life.

The Helix is truly set to become one of the most remarkable works of architecture on Earth– combining modernity with nature; efficiency with leisure; industry with beauty; professionalism with youthfulness– all wrapped into one expressive package worthy of commendation from even the most experienced minds within the industry today.

Amazon Unveils The Helix Arlington HQ2
Amazon Unveils The Helix Arlington HQ2
Amazon Unveils The Helix Arlington HQ2
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