Infinity Masculine
Infinity Masculine
Amazon Spheres
Amazon Spheres

Amazon Spheres is a project located at the center of Amazon's Seattle headquarters. The collaboration between Amazon and NBBJ brings the creation of unique office space. Moreover, the three massive glass domes hold more than 40,000 plants, living walls, towering trees, and much more. Furthermore, the lower floors are the energy center, that includes social hubs, employee amenities that offers urban vitality into the workplace. The employees can change the environment their work, to the endless forest by taking a seat on one of the benches. Relaxing in front of a waterfall, and inhale the refuge from urban life. Among other things in the Center of Energy, there's also a marketplace, food venues, labs, tech support, meeting areas, and more. In other words, people can visit those great spheres on the weekends.

Amazon Spheres Inside

Amazon Spheres nature

Amazon Spheres Rooftop
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