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50 Years Porsche 914
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50 Years Porsche 914


For over five decades, the Porsche 914 has been one of the most beloved and iconic cars in automotive history. Starting out as a joint venture with Volkswagen in the late 1960s, this mid-engine sports car was revolutionary for its time due to its unique design and engineering.

From its groundbreaking four-cylinder and six-cylinder configurations to its striking Targa roofline, the Porsche 914 is still revered today by car enthusiasts all over the world. To commemorate this classic vehicle, German motoring journalist Jürgen Lewandowski has delved into a rich array of historical material and photographs to create an exceptional account of the Porsche 914's development and history. 50 Years: Porsche 914 paints a vivid picture of this renowned automobile, from its inception in 1969 through to the modern day. Lewandowski provides detailed insight into the engineering feats that made it possible for such a vehicle to exist, as well as the innovative marketing techniques employed by Porsche during production. Through exclusive interviews, rare archival documents, vintage photos, and other materials from the time period, it truly is a comprehensive guide to one of the auto industry's greatest achievements.

Equally admirable is how deftly Lewandowski blends his journalistic expertise with a passionate fan's knowledge of what makes this car so special - making 50 Years: Porsche 914 not just an educational book but also an exciting read full of captivating details about everything from early prototype designs to racing victories. Each story is utterly fascinating; no wonder that legions of car fans across generations continue to be drawn in by it. With high-quality visuals accompanying each account - from glossy factory brochures to insightful race photos - readers are treated to a truly immersive experience worthy of any classic collector's bookshelf.

The perfection inherent in every line and curve on these classic vehicles can only be truly appreciated when seen on paper; 50 Years: Porsche 914 does just this with unprecedented clarity, precision, and detail that puts other automotive books to shame.

Astonishingly thorough yet mesmerizingly captivating, this luxurious publication packs both an informative punch as well as plenty of stylish flairs – making it an essential resource for anyone interested in learning more about one classic vehicle's incredible journey through time.

Photos Credit: 
Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh
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