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2023 Rezvani Vengeance SUV
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2023 Rezvani Vengeance SUV


Get ready for the ultimate experience of driving in style with Rezvani's Vengeance SUV. This ultra-modern vehicle is the product of the creative genius of digital artist Milen Ivanov, who drew inspiration from cutting-edge military vehicles both in reality and virtual worlds.

The exterior of this spectacular ride is fierce and aggressive, while its interior provides a luxurious three-row area. Not to mention, it comes with some impressive protective features as well: bulletproof armor glass and body panels, a thermal night vision system, EMP protection, and electrified door handles, to name a few. Under the hood powers either a turbodiesel V6 or an astonishing 690-horsepower V8 engine, giving you plenty of power for those off-road adventures.

Enjoy an exhilarating driving experience coupled with immense safety without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal thanks to 22-inch wheels and massive 35-inch all-terrain tires; all that you need for a fully optimized journey is available now from Rezvani.

2023 Rezvani Vengeance SUV
2023 Rezvani Vengeance SUV
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REZVANI / $249,000
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