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Urbanista Los Angeles Self Charging Earphones
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Urbanista Los Angeles Self Charging Earphones


The future of headphones is here, and it starts with the Urbanista Los Angeles Self-Charging Earphones. These innovative earphones are equipped with Powerfoyle solar cell material integrated into the headband, which allows them to charge when exposed to light — both indoors and outdoors. This cutting-edge technology offers users virtually infinite playtime and up to 80 hours of battery life should they find themselves in a dimly lit area.

What’s more, these stylish earphones offer superior sound quality with hybrid active noise cancellation that features an ambient mode, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music without disturbance from external noise. Plus, with quick access to Google Assistant and Siri support, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, this remarkable piece of tech could revolutionize how we listen to music. These futuristic earphones are sure to take your listening experience to a whole new level with their impressively efficient self-charging design for endless entertainment. What’s more, their sleek and sophisticated aesthetic makes them suitable for any situation – perfect for taking out on the town or just enjoying a cozy evening at home.

The Urbanista Los Angeles Self-Charging Earphones are truly remarkable in both form and function – effortlessly convenient, stylishly modern, ingeniously creative, and amazingly versatile.

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