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Super Veloce RS Black Edition Espresso Machine
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Super Veloce RS Black Edition Espresso Machine


For the select few who have the means, Super Veloce has designed a stunning piece of machinery that will make you feel like you're on the racetrack. The RS Black Edition Espresso Machine is a powerful, majestic machine with sleek aesthetics and innovative technology.

Aggressive, masculine, and blacked-out, this dazzling espresso machine pays tribute to an iconic engine from the world of racing — the Porsche 993 flat-six. This exquisite appliance is built with aerospace-grade materials: surgical stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium, and carbon fiber. Boasting eye-catching cylinder heads in anodized black and cam covers crafted from carbon fiber, complete with polished velocity stacks—the RS Black looks incredibly impressive and could easily power a supercar. Best of all, there are only 993 available units being produced by Super Veloce.

The fantastic engineering behind this work of art makes it a desirable piece for those looking to inject some glamour into their kitchen. Not only does it look luxurious, but it also pumps out caffeinated fuel quickly and smoothly every time — perfect for serious coffee drinkers. It's no wonder that the RS Black Edition Espresso Machine has become so desirable amongst espresso aficionados around the globe.

The exquisitely designed RS Black edition offers incredible features for discerning coffee connoisseurs looking to stand out from the crowd. This fantastic appliance not only oozes style but also packs plenty of engineering prowess under its hood – creating smooth shots at lightning speed. From its stylish, aerodynamic curves to its sophisticated technology – Super Veloce has made an astonishingly beautiful addition to any kitchen that truly embodies luxury and meets performance.

From its gleaming design elements like titanium trims and anodized black finishings to its broad redwood accents – this remarkable machine is sure to turn heads wherever it ends up. And if that wasn't enough - the superior build quality ensures durability as well as peace of mind so you can enjoy great-tasting coffee for many years to come.

We've seen plenty of high-end espresso machines come onto the market over recent years, but none quite compare to this unique creation from Super Veloce. For those who have a taste for something special – look no further than the pioneering RS Black Edition Espresso Machine – which is sure to deliver on style as well as performance each and every time.

Super Veloce RS Black Edition
Super Veloce RS Black Edition
Super Veloce RS Black Edition
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Super Veloce
SUPER VELOCE / $11,120
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