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Short Circuit: An AI Assistant
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Short Circuit: An AI Assistant


Enter the world of Short Circuit, a high-octane AI sidekick eager to cater to your conversational needs. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, this dynamic app harnesses the prowess of OpenAI's technology, providing rapid-fire responses and neatly arranging them into different chat threads for effortless reference.

Merging seamlessly with Siri and Shortcuts, Short Circuit empowers users to obtain answers simply by speaking, while its built-in fact-checker offers an added layer of reliability. Experience this groundbreaking app for free, or choose from a range of subscription plans to suit your usage requirements.

Short Circuit: An AI Assistant

Transform your interactions with your devices through Shorty, an AI-driven chatbot designed to revolutionize communication. Armed with ChatGPT's state-of-the-art OpenAI models and soon to be boosted by GPT-4, Shorty delivers intelligent, refined, and even witty replies to your every query.

Short Circuit flawlessly integrates with Siri and Shortcuts, enabling you to initiate the app and pose questions using only your voice, courtesy of your preferred voice assistant. Whether you're brainstorming ideas, seeking answers, or conducting research, Shorty is your go-to resource for simplifying life. The more you engage with Short Circuit, the sharper Shorty becomes. By analyzing your interactions, Shorty hones its skills to provide increasingly accurate responses. Why not take Short Circuit for a spin today and witness the game-changing merger of AI chatbot tech and Siri Shortcuts? Your productivity levels are bound to soar!

Short Circuit: An AI Assistant

Short Circuit thrives on cutting-edge OpenAI models, ChatGPT, and the upcoming GPT-4. Envision having a personal tutor, a spellbinding storyteller, or a coding collaborator at your fingertips, eager to impart knowledge on any topic. Utter "Ask Shorty," and our trusty bot will utilize the latest GPT models to source the optimal answer for your inquiry. Customize the trigger phrase to unlock a universe of conversational possibilities.

For Apple Shortcuts aficionados, Short Circuit is a dream come true. The app allows you to design tailored workflows, granting you unparalleled adaptability in harnessing GPT's finest offerings. In a world where misinformation abounds, Short Circuit prioritizes accuracy. Rest assured that you can fact-check any information provided by Shorty, though we vouch for its honesty. So, dive headfirst into this incredible AI-driven experience and let Short Circuit revolutionize the way you communicate.

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Short Circuit
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