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Nomad 65W Power Adapter
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Nomad 65W Power Adapter


The world of technology has once again taken a giant leap forward, and this time we have Nomad to thank for creating the incredible 65W Power Adapter. This tiny device, no bigger than an AirPods case, features two USB-C ports and GaN technology that allow it to generate lots of power in a small package. This travel-ready device also has fold-down prongs making it easy to take with you wherever your journey takes you.

When charging a single device via either port, they will provide the full 65W output – allowing fast charging of laptops such as the MacBook Air and iPhones/iPads. Splitting the charging power across two devices is also possible, with the top port supplying 45W while the bottom delivers 20W.

This versatile and efficient gadget from Nomad completely revolutionizes how we can charge our electronic devices. It adds another level of convenience to our lives with its compact yet powerful design, perfect for those who love staying on the move or traveling frequently. Not only does it offer impressive speed when charging various devices, but its robust, lightweight construction makes it resilient enough to withstand any bumps along your journey.

The new Nomad 65W Power Adapter truly stands out amongst other portable solutions thanks to its portability, superior performance, and innovative features like convenient fold-down prongs. Enjoy faster charging times and never worry about running out of energy when you’re away from home – this user-friendly device has your back every step of the way.

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