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Nawa Racer Motorcycle
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Nawa Racer Motorcycle


Electric tech startup NAWA made waves at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with their revolutionary ultracapacitor technology embodied in the Nawa Racer Motorcycle. Presenting a modernized, stylish interpretation of the classic cafe racer, this awe-inspiring electric motorcycle is designed to provide a novel solution to transportation needs.

The hybrid drive system integrates an ultracapacitor battery pack along with a traditional lithium-ion battery pack, which NAWA believes provides superior performance compared to standard battery technology. Together, these offer 93 miles of range and 100 horsepower – enough to reach 0-60 in three seconds while topping out at 100 MPH. Regenerative braking can even further increase the range up to 180 miles when driving in cities. What’s more is that this setup is fully scalable for larger vehicles, making it an exciting development for alternative fuel sources.

In short, this cutting-edge vehicle from NAWA looks set to revolutionize the electric transportation industry with its captivating design and dynamic power capabilities. Thanks to their innovative technology, users can rest assured that they will receive speedy charging times and reliable performance for all manner of journeys – quickly establishing NAWA’s Racer as the go-to electric motorbike.

Photos Credit: 
Modern Huntsman Magazine
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