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Metallica The $24.95 Book


For over forty years, Metallica has been the biggest name in metal music. An enigmatic bunch of nobodies who somehow took on the world and changed the sound of popular music forever. Now, Ben Apatoff's new book, METALLICA: THE $24.95 BOOK, looks to lift the veil and further explore the band's captivating mythology.

This ambitious and comprehensive exploration is packed full of an array of chapters devoted to each member, album, and tour, as well as fashion, books, film, influences, fandom, and more. With previously unpublished photos and a foreword by What Are You Doing Here? Author Laina Dawes, this remarkable book provides a comprehensive look at Metallica that die-hard fans and newcomers alike are sure to enjoy.

Apatoff captures the legendary but mysterious spirit of Metallica perfectly with his vibrant storytelling of their remarkable journey from unknowns to being one of the biggest heavy metal bands in history—selling over 125 million records worldwide. Metallica's impressive success was no accident as they waged their own rules against a toxic industry with strategic decisions regarding their songwriting and production, which culminated in truly unique creative accomplishments throughout their prolific career spanning four decades. The sheer magnitude of Metallica's influence on other musicians has created a captivating discourse amongst devotees while continually raising intriguing questions about their alluring identity remaking them into an enigma that defies any simple definition or explanation.

METALLICA: THE $24$ BOOK is an extraordinary look at one of rock's weirdest yet most fascinating stories—told through revealing interviews, detailed insight into how the band crafted its illustrious legacy, grandiose adjectives describing its iconic soundscapes, compelling descriptions about its flamboyant image choices and gripping accounts from those closest to it all.

This remarkable read functions both as a celebration of Metallica's illustrious career combined with an investigation into why this dynamic group is so beloved amongst its millions of loyal fans around the world today, making it a must-read for any lover or follower of rock or metal music.

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