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We have entered the foldable smartphones era. The HUAWEI Mate X is amazingly beautiful, Unprecedented powerful, and comes with a future experience like never before. We have become multitasking people, smartphone gamers, and entertainment enthusiasts. The Mate X responded to all those needs, and much more than that. Smartphones have become an unseparated part of our lives. We shower next to it, we go to sleep with it, and smartphones run our life very efficiently.

The HUAWEI Mate X is Defining the new folding smartphones era. Now you have your entire world accessible in the palm of your hand much better than before. The Bright OLED display has a richer with more vivid and unbelievable colors on an 8-inch screen. The Mate X has a new revolutionary network 5G, with Balong 5000 architecture chipset. Therefore the Dual sim supported the 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G frequency bands, so anywhere around the world, you got covered. The Mate X has a Leica Camera that taking a photo or a video has never been so incredibly easy and a professional. The HUAWEI SuperCharge can charge the Mate X to 85% in just 30 minutes. The Battery capacity has an incredible 4,500mAh. In other words, for the entire day, you can do more work, play more games, and watch movies flawlessly without getting worried about charging it.

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