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BMW Concept CE 02 Motorcycle
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BMW Concept CE 02 Motorcycle


Are you ready to blaze a trail as a motorcyclist? The BMW Concept CE 02 electric bike offers beginner riders the perfect place to get started. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, this motorcycle packs plenty of punch, with 14.75 horsepower and top speeds of 55 miles per hour. Plus, riders need only recharge it after traveling up to 55 miles on the road.

The CE 02 is sleek and stylish, sporting an eye-catching design that incorporates many of BMW's signature hallmarks. Its minimalist chassis is loaded with unique features such as a telescoping fork, single-sided swingarm, 15-inch wheels, hydraulic brakes, and more. Above all else, its low 28.7-inch seat height makes it an attractive proposition for novice and experienced riders alike. Though the BMW Concept CE 02 was designed with both safety and performance in mind, those who are looking for their first motorcycle should be bold in taking a chance on this electric model from the iconic German brand. Its intuitive controls and formidable capabilities make it suitable for all types of terrain; traversing cities or winding roads will be no challenge for this dynamic two-wheeler. If you're looking to get your foot in the door when it comes to riding motorcycles but want to wait to go full throttle, then BMW's Concept CE 02 is worth considering.

It strikes the perfect balance between elegance and power — not to mention that its impressive build quality will provide you with reliable performance time after time. This incredible machine will soon be on display at IAA Mobility 2021; if you're brave enough to take it out for a spin, then don't miss your chance.

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