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Terminator: Dark Fate
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Terminator: Dark Fate

The release of Terminator: Dark Fate has the best involvement of the talented director Tim Miller who was direct Deadpool. And James Cameron who has directed the blockbuster movie Avatar film. Now, these days he working on the sequel of the new Avatar and also works on Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

“But he’s a control freak and, as you know, Terminator is his baby, so he does get involved in the filming… there was a big collaboration between Jim and Tim Miller. I feel it was in good hands with both of them.”

Terminator: Dark Fate is the six-part fils of the franchise that will be the sequel of Terminator 1 from 1984 and Terminator 2 Judgment Day from 1991. Twenty-seven years after the plot of Terminator 2 Judgment Day, a new modified liquid terminator (Gabriel Luna) was sent by Skynet from the future to terminate a hybrid cyborg human (Mackenzie Davis), and of course, the good iconic character  Sarah Connor who comes to their help. Even the original terminator will help them to fight for the uncertain future. In other words, we can't wait to theTerminator: Dark Fate that will arrive in theatres on November 1, 2019.

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