10 Reasons why to own a Smart Home
10 Reasons why to own a Smart Home

Smart homes were a part of our life a few years ago. Today it has been a routine for almost every home. There are thermostats, smart locks, smart streamers, speakers, and the list goes on. So, why you should own a Smart Devices in your Bachelor Pad / Masculine apartment? Here the best ten reasons why you should own smart home.

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1.  Security

Most of us guys, want to keep our zone, our man cave, the bat cave - safe! It's a man thing to defend our property! In a time of technology, we have the most advanced means out there. Just a click reach to buy, and full worldwide control via our smartphones.


Many great companies are offering varsity products to choose from to our smart home. Smart locks, Smart Doorbells, Sensors, Smart Cams, and the list goes on. So what can you do with that Security? Connect to your home anywhere worldwide. You can watch from your Smart doorbell across the world, anyone who passes by your house if a family member or a friend drop by. Or you have a package delivery from Amazon.


Your looks like a boss! You can have the full power of your locks. Because opening a door from your smartphone, it generates individual digit pins. For the ones you want by time date or whatever you choose. Therefore you can see & monitor the coming and going. Cameras are almost in every home or business, but smart cams are something else now. They can detect you and the ones who live in the house by facial-recognition.

Sensors and Motion detectors or Contact sensors can be pre-programmed for many actions around the house. One of them is the security, of course, if there is motion in the house. Or particular room (a Man Cave) or a maybe workstation that you defined it off-limits. The contact motion sensors can be us not just for windows or garage doors. You can apply it in cabinets, closet with safe's, doors and much more. The other sensors can keep your house safe if there is any water leaks, smoke, or carbon dioxide.

Panic button

By voice or a button. You can make your whole house to react to different situations like entire house lockdown. Locking all the lock, turn off all the electric blinds, garage door, turn off the lights in case of a burglar or savvier weather with an updated online forecast.

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2. Saving Money

One of the essential things that Smart Home can give you is saving some money.

For example: if you leave your bachelor pad, you want a peace of mind. All the electronic devices will be turned off. The Lights, Thermostats, TV, Speakers, Media Center (NVIDIA SHIELD, NUC, XIAOMI, or whatever you are using), Blinds and Garage Door will be closed. The door lock will be locked, even your indoor smart locks of your MANCAVE. Workstation office will be locked too.

Every morning

Before going to work, your Water Heating can turn on automatically. Forgot to turn it off? After a specific time, it will be shut down. Did you forget your fridge door open? After 1 or 2 minutes you'll get a notification to your smartphone. The lights will warn you as well.

Warm day in August, your AC is on a turbo. Cooling your gaming pc and chill you out from a nerving multiplayer online game. One of your friends or family open up one of the windows and forget to close them. The AC will turn off immediately, and you get a notification to your phone.

PhilipsHue Lights in a livingroom

3. Automation & Scenes

When you hear about a smart home, it's all about the automation. Most of the people think if they got a button that they can click and turn on the light. It's beautiful, but not so smart. When the time comes, you need to take it to the next level, and you need the automation & scenes. Imagine your daily routine like this:

30 minutes

Before you wake up in the morning, the lights turned on. Your Masculine bedroom will slowly dim from 0%-100% with a sunrise color. Ten minutes before your last alarm, Sonos will play your favorite music or your radio station. After you wake up, the sound system will notify you about today's weather. The motion sensor will be activated when you pass through the door. The TV will turn on the channel you want. When you take your refreshing shower, the coffee machine start's to make your kick-ass coffee. Meanwhile, when you were choosing your shower, your home will read your daily schedule and appointments.

You leave your home without worrying about all the lights. The AC, the TV, or the coffee machine, and everything will turn off automatically. And of course, your garage door will be closed after you left. On your way to work, your car will play your favorite Spotify music. Or if you choose to be readen your new emails, and Traffic report.

After a long productive day

Your home is waiting for you. He recognizes you and set up things for you when you are parking your car. The moment you open your house door, the house comes to life. The living room light turned on, the tv, your NVIDIA Shield off course, and your favorite tv APP like Spotify. The SONOS speakers welcome you with a message and a few updates that you want to hear.

After a good shower and dinner, it's time for the new Avenger's movie. "Alexa," Turn On Movie Time! All the lights in the living room dimmed. The other place the lights go off. Kodi is open, and the movie starts to play.

Google home

4. Work hard with a little help

Today we've got Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. With those three, you can get extra help with your tasks and daily chores. It's more efficient to implement these three at home, work, and everyday to-do lists. First things first build & create your setup. Connect to IFTTT things like email addresses that you mostly use, uber, Waze, weather, etc. after that connect your IFTTT account to your Amazon Alexa & google home.

From that road, everything is going to be more comfortable. You talk to your smart-home and get a visual notification like if you got a new email from a co-worker, the LIFX light would blink in a particular color that you pre-setup with a specific sound in your SONOS speaker that you chose. More notification like Weather, traffic, email, new likes on posts (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter), Followers, if you have left the fridge door open, and much more.

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5. Impress your date

You and your time

In your fancy car on the way back to your Bachelor Pad. Nice and smooth music is in the background. Evening breeze playing with her hair and you all up in the clouds. (Not really) When you enter your bachelor pad parking, the speakers with Alexa - notify you that you near your home. Alexa is asking you if you were bringing home, someone, your answer is YES. She's answering back: "OK boss, I'll make things up for you!"

You parking

Your car and the lights around the house turned on. The path to your home is waiting for you and your date to pass it through. You get out of the car, open the door to her like a real class gentleman. You walk the path together, and the lights on the ground turn on with your motion activating steps.

The Moment

You open your bachelor pad door; this is when it all gets fancy. Your all house come to life. The SONOS speakers welcome you and your date. Yes, you pre-programmed her name that Alexa will say it the moment you enter the bachelor pad. The TV is turning on, Spotify is launch automatically and plays you're bringing home date playlist. She sits back in your kickass couch and relaxes. While she is waiting, you go to your masculine bar. Mixing some excellent cocktails for both of you. When you come back, you tell Alexa to start up the mood. The lights changing with soft and relaxing colors and dimmed not too much. The Smart AC check's the temperature of the house and set it up to comfortable. The purifier and the candle hypnotize her eyes.


6. Gaming & Media streaming creation

One of the most important things for most of us men is the gaming room or set up office, or workstation. It can be even in a man cave, but now these days men have separate it. So you built your gaming room, office room, or streaming room, why not make it smart with your smart home?

When your Presence sensor it present, the room only activated when you enter your gaming room, the built-in Alexa, SONOS, and some smart sensors and outlets can make it smart. Here are a few examples:

When you tell Alexa:

"Alexa, it's gaming time!" the windows shades are closing, the lights and all the LED strips are changing to your favorite colors, your Gaming PC is turned on via WOL, your monitors turned on, and your 65" Smart TV is also. Alexa asked you: "What type of your taste?" you can tell her PS4, Xbox, Gaming PC, or whatever you like...

When you leave the room, the smart lock can lock your gaming room, automatically, all the monitors will be turned off, and your gaming PC and all your gaming consoles as well.

For example, if you have a mounted smart home tablet, or connected devices like tablets, smartphones, or laptops, it can see when you got charged for example to 90% and shut down the power outlet automatically.

With your LIFX lights, you can also make a mood, whenever you do in your own game, the lights will blink or changing.

Iron man tony stark

7. J.A.R.V.I.S Personal assistant

We all see Ironman, and who is not familiar with J.A.R.V.I.S. Well, J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). Tony Stark's artificially intelligent computer. J.A.R.V.I.S. can adapt with the Iron Man armor suit and can control his all connected things. J.A.R.V.I.S can make complex calculation and requirements for Tony.

With a little hard work, you can create something similar. The combination of Smartthings, WebCore, and Alexa can give you something else. Therefore all the connected things that you want to control. First things first, you need to record yourself or use text to speech to provide answers. All the automation and scene you already have done so it should be less work. WebCore does most of the work. Just talk to J.A.R.V.I.S or in our case: Alexa you need to provide next task. For example:

if (Say something to Alexa, activate routines)

then tell Alexa to ask for future task performance.

Here's an example:

You: Computer, prepare my Workstation.

Alexa: OK Boss, Preparing your workstation now, do you want to turn on PC2 as well?

You: No or Yes

We will be writing a full guide for this one, don't worry.\

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8. Family

We all love the "Couple's Goal" thing on Instagram and YouTube. When you start a family, it's crucial that you can give them the best comfortable home. Make your smart home adapt to your family, pets, and parents. Here are a few examples of what can you do to upgrade your family home lifestyle.

Open things. If the refrigerator is open more than X time, get alert by notification with  LIFX. Blink lights will visualize that. Family is one of the cases that your kids left the door open. If there is a cabinet that should not be open, like a medicine cabinet. (Although you can install a smart lock. It can be unlocked if you or your partner is present in the house. And it can be opened with RFID)

a good thing to know

Who is where? If the kids are back from school. You'd get a notification if they left the house. Same thing with your other half. Has the dog run away and left the house? You'll get the information.

A smart doorbell like RING is one of the best things that you can buy. You can talk and see who is wandering around your house. Or talk and see who is at your doorstep. Therefore you can combo a smart lock that can automatically open or close the door. For a mailman, parents, friends, and your neighbors.

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9. Smart car

Cars. The other right hand of men. An integral part of men's lives. But now you can make almost any vehicle a Smart car! The two main things that you need to get started is Amazon echo and AUTO. You can connect and combine these two to work together, connect it to your Smartthings and IFTTT.

Therefore without getting your hands off the wheel, you can talk to your Echo. To do tasks and manage your smart-home with your voice. When you enter your home area with your car, your Awesome bachelor pad will be ready for you. Everything that connected to the car you will have control on with AUTO.

We will release the full guide about how to turn your car into a smart car.

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10. Last thing

In other words, - Because you are men! You always want to upgrade yourself, be the head of technology. What's drives us to perfection, creativity, and an enhanced mind of goals. The future; like the cryptocurrency has come into our world, and change the game rules.

If we go back a few years, the smart home always was a sci-fi future expensive thing. But these days are here and exist. They cheap and give answers to so many needs.

Have a blast with your Masculine Smart Home!

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