The best 23 life lessons you can learn from the Godfather
The best 23 life lessons you can learn from the Godfather

Those life lessons are a way of inner-thinking and best perspective. This epic crime saga has been more just than a movie to all of us; it's been gripped us with all the real and fantastic life's knowledge. The respect, the perspective view of life, and the endless fountain of wisdom. Francis Ford Coppola shared to the world something you can only take for a lifetime.

Here we gather all the meaningful lessons quotes:

1 ∴  Don’t make promises you cannot keep

Your word is your most important thing to yourself. Because words create reality.

2 ∴ Don’t involve yourself in other people’s personal lives

There are enough problems out there, don't put your head in a sickness bed.

3 ∴ “A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns.”

No matter what, no power can go against the law. The law is above every man, mafia, and company.

4 ∴ Don’t go against your family

In the end, this is all you got, your blood. A family is a family, only in rare cases, some of them turn against you. They are the only people you can trust.

5 ∴ Family is an essential thing in life

No fortune or Money can buy happiness, loves, and warmth. Family is the best thing that ever happens to you, cherishes it every second that passes by.

6 ∴ Don’t act on emotion

Emotions will blind you from your goal and move you from your path. It will make you choose the wrong choices. It will be critical.

7 ∴ "The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends."

The sentence held no secret when you networking, you can get to the highest places, and get the 'VIP' pass. It's vital that you always keep in touch with your powerful friends with benefits.

8 ∴ Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

If your enemies are close to you, that you can have the advantage over, instead not knowing what's going on on the ground.

9 ∴ “I hoped we could come here and reason together. And, as a reasonable man, I’m willing to do whatever’s necessary to find a peaceful solution to these problems.”

If you can make a deal instead of going to war, this is your best option. It is the only business. Nothing should be personal.

10 ∴ White-collar criminals are the most powerful criminals

Their highly-intelligence is abnormal. White-Collar perceived as unstoppable, with their way of thinking outside the box. They know yours, and everyone else's moves before you even think about making one.

11 ∴ Keep your business private; only discuss it amongst family members

What's your business keep it your business. It doesn't concern everyone else. If you do that, you will keep out a private and sneaky eye from you.

12 ∴ "Never hate your enemies – it affects your judgment."

Again, when you let your emotions enter, you're not thinking clearly. It will destroy our moves. The advantage goes from your side to your enemies hand.

13 ∴ Violence is the last option

There are so various ways to hurt someone without laying a finger on him. Abuse will hurt once, or leave a scar. But act on different levels is something that nobody wants to go there.

14 ∴ Don’t sell drugs

Just don't. It's a small business that can revenue good money. But if you look at this way: Drugs destroy people, be a human bean after all. All other forms can tax you a lot more income.

15 ∴ "Friendship and money. Oil and water."

It does not mix. You get a lack of judgment immediately because your emotions again will take place. After that, you can lose all your closes friends, and for what?

16 ∴ "Good health is the most important thing. More than success, more than money, more than power."

Without it, you are nothing. You cannot make functional anymore, you cannot make money, and you going to lose the essential thing there is Life!

17 ∴ Never request without offering your respect and friendship in return

Honor and Friendship are priceless. People will not only respect you but adore you for giving this in the first place. It builds trust.

18 ∴ “This is business. Not personal.”

Business is something that is very professional and should be a target or a purpose nothing more than that. If you were making a mistake, or don't know where you get yourself into, it is only your problem, not everyone else's.

19 ∴ "Never tell anybody outside the family what you're thinking again."

Always keep your thoughts to yourself, because others outside your circle can exploit and use that against you.

20 ∴ Be prepared ahead of time. Never make a move or judgment without careful planning ahead of time

A good chess player always knows his enemies move before they make them. Act like this, and you'll never get surprised.

21 ∴ Don’t take things too personal

If you focused on that, you would divert from your goal.

22 ∴ "Great men are not born great, they grow great,"

Every man you see at the top of the pyramid is was not put there, he climbed and built his path, and created his road.

23 ∴ "Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud"

When you know you know, you don't have to say anything, but people don't know sh*t they always shout to be heard they bullshit.

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