Are You Afraid of the Dark Returns from the 90s

Are You Afraid of the Dark Returns from the 90s and a teaser trailer was released. For those who grow up in the '90s probably remember countless things about our childhood. Moreover, everything was so simple, so beautiful, and so many things that shape our childhood

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The Witcher Netflix Series Official Teaser

The Witcher Netflix Series Official Teaser has released, and it's probably going to be the next big thing after GOT. Netflix upcoming series plays the great main character, Geralt of Rivia by Henry Cavill. Moreover, alongside Cavill's character, they are two more

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Terminator: Dark Fate

The release of Terminator: Dark Fate has the best involvement of the talented director Tim Miller who was direct Deadpool. And James Cameron who has directed the blockbuster movie Avatar film. Now, these days he working on the sequel of the new Avatar and also works on

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Ad Astra Movie Staring Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones

Ad Astra was announced back in 2016 by the director James Gray. It takes some time because Gray wanted to create the most realistic space travel movie. In his own words:"the most realistic depiction of space travel that's been put in a movie."However, the plot moves

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IT Chapter Two

27 years after the 1989 summer events, the Loser's Club members already grown up living their own lives. But one disturbing phone call brings back "It," the pennywise dancing clown again. The Loser's Club boys, or should we say the adults have no choice but to go

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